Resumo e Itinerários da Minha Viagem de Volta ao Mundo

In 11 months I:

Traveled around 33 countries; Met a lot of cool people; Went on wine tours in Chianti, South Africa, Bordeaux, Australia and New Zealand; Saw an active volcano up close; Visited old friends; Climbed Kilimanjaro, one of the 7 summits; Jumped on the Great Wall of China; Camped in the middle of the Sahara Desert; Rode on an elephant; Was featured in a commercial; Went on a safari in East Africa; Tasted fried crickets, snake soup and lots of exotic dishes; Toured the Moroccan desert on top of a camel; Explored Petra in Jordan; Hiked Ang Thong Island; Dove with white sharks; Had dinner on top of Table Mountain during sunset; Walked around Venice at night with a Venetian; Cruised the coast of Turkey and Croatia; Stood breathless at the Parthenon; Drank with locals at Oktoberfest; Participated in the Blue Man Group show in New York; Learned how to ski in Queenstown; Went caving in underground Budapest; Sunbathed in the most beautiful beaches of the world; Snorkeled in Thailand (Ang Thong), Malaysia (Perhentian Islands), Australia (Great Barrier Reef) and Fiji (night snorkel); Joined the (in) famous pub crawls of Madrid; Marveled at the Taj Mahal; Walked around the underground ice caves of Salzburg; Had hot wine and creppés at various marchés de Noel in France; Took 59 flights with 26 different airlines; Cried watching La Traviata in Vienna; Traveled on a luxury train in India (Palace on Wheels); Hiked the Samaria Gorge in Creta; Gambled in Las Vegas; Visited castles throughout Europe and India; Touched the Berlin Wall; Saw beautiful religion temples in four continents; Flew over the Grand Canyon on a helicopter; Went for a jet boat ride inside river canyons in New Zealand; Spent several nights at a Bedouin camp; Walked around Robben Island with an ex-con; Read a bunch of books; Got engaged; Visited four out of the Seven New Wonders of the World; Played with tiger cubs; Rode a campervan for two weeks up the Australian Sunshine Coast; Was astonished at Iris, the new Circle du Soleil show in Hollywood; Tasted all kinds of cuisines; Participated in a historical political event in Malaysia; Went on a bike gourmet tour in Vietnam; Cried at the horrible history of extermination camps in Berlin and Phnom Penh; Took a Thai cooking class; Lived the same day twice; Threw myself out of a 130 meter high canyon swing.

Thanks, Mr. World, for an awesome bucket list! It´s time to go home now, but I´ll definitely see you again soon.

E aqui estão os itinerários!








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